Stephanie Hall


I am a trauma informed advanced practice social worker with the State of Wisconsin. I have experience as a special education educator and autism consultant in Kansas and Missouri. As a parent of an adult with autism, I have personalized experience in advocating for myself, my son, and my family. Advocacy is something that has encompassed my entire life. I specialize in autism, anxiety, developmental disorders, education and learning disabilities, depression, trauma and personality disorders. I utilize social thinking, attachment therapy, IFS, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and DBT.

I only provide tele-health. I work with adolescents and adults all over Wisconsin. I meet clients where they live and breathe. Life is not perfect and I do not expect perfection from my clients nor families. What I do expect, is collaboration and goal setting with the client as an active participant. I work to help adolescents and adults unlock what they want out of life. Everyone needs someone on their side that will listen with an open heart and open mind. I work with people where they are. I use a strengths based perspective to help clients advocate for themselves in their own lives. Life happens. Hardships happen. Neurological differences, psychological and medical diagnoses are not a life sentence. Within each person is the incredible power to transform their own lives. Let’s work on those struggles to help you get what you want out of your life to find your own version of happiness.

    • Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Avila University
    • Master’s Certificate in ASD from Pittsburg State
    • Master’s in Social Work from Simmons University
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